The Turin School of Local Regulation organizes a workshop on "Institutions, markets, regulation and local development" during the 3rd World Forum of Local Economic Development.

The workshop takes place on October 15, 2015 at 9.30 at Palazzo Cisterna, Sala Consiglieri, Via Maria Vittoria 12, Torino.

The panel will explore the peculiarities of the local dimension of regulation of public services - with particular reference to local services such as water and sanitation, urban waste, energy distribution – and will stimulate some reflection upon how the results of the academic research on regulation can support local policy makers and improve local policies. Attention will be devoted also to the peculiarities of industrialized countries on one side and developing countries and emerging economies on the other side, considering that in the last twenty years the latter faced a push toward liberalization and privatization of public services, often accompanied by a transfer of regulatory models from industrialized countries, where in many cases such transfer has not been able to integrate with existing institutional, social and judicial frameworks. Finally, the FIELD methodology developed by the Turin School of Local Regulation to support local decision makers in the analysis of actors, incentives, information endowment and transfer will be briefly presented in order to provide a tool to frame the context of any regulatory reform and take more informed decisions.


9.30 Registration

Chair: Franco BECCHIS, Turin School of Local Regulation
9.45 Scheduled speeches
- Effective institutional settings to foster change in the economic and development strategies at local level: lessons learned from the OECD, Karen MAGUIRE, OECD
- Knowing the FIELD for local public services and infrastructure regulation at local level: actors, information, incentives, Daniele RUSSOLILLO, Turin School of Local Regulation
- Assessment and design of local regulation in solid waste management in low- and middle-income countries, Marco CANIATO, COOPI Cooperazione Internazionale
Local services, local actors and labour issues, Edmundo WERNA, ILO
Local goverments and local utilities in the developing countries: missing link or missing partner?Giorgio BROSIO, University of Torino

12.00 Closing remarks

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