Scientific director of Fondazione per l’Ambiente since its creation, he coordinates research programmes on the interaction between economics, energy and environment and on local public services, as well as capacity building and support activities for local public entities. His scientific interests and his publications range from public economics to environmental and regulatory economics.


Mario Guglielminetti is a manager with 25 years of experience, demonstrated and differentiated, in Marketing, Project and Grant Management (European and national calls, PNRR), Sponsorship, Fundraising, Networking and Media Planning. Contract Professor of "Management and Marketing for Third Sector Organizations", with particular reference to the artistic and cultural sector, boasts a twenty-year collaboration with IAR, Institute for Art and Restoration Palazzo Spinelli in Florence. He’s an expert in Socio-economic Partnerships, Media campaigns and NFT marketing.

Fulvia NADA

Graduated in Environmental Economics and Policies at the University of Torino, she spent a period in the USA as a trainee at Stony Brook University (NY). Since 2012 she has been collaborating with Fondazione per l’Ambiente, before as Project assistant of the International Summer School on regulation of local public services and now as project manager.



After the bachelor's degree in Law and Economics at the University of Bologna, he graduated in Environmental Economics and Policies at the University of Turin. He attended the training activities of the PhD programme in Economic Sociology and Labour Studies at the University of Milan. He collaborated with Fondazione Sabattini as researcher on working conditions in the Italian automotive Sector. Since October 2017 he has been collaborating with Fondazione per l'Ambiente as research assistant on sharing economy regulatory aspects.