FIELD - Framework of incentives to empower local decision makers



FIELD is a multidisciplinary methodology for the analysis of local actors, incentives and information endowment that surround and lie behind the success or the failure of local services, infrastructures and projects, defining the playing field where their realization takes place.
The methodology aims to narrow the gap between the results of academic research and daily decisions making process in relevant context as local public service regulation, project life cycle, local welfare policies.




Unsettled State of Regulation: Italy’s Hard Path Towards Effective Rules for the Sharing Economy

Giulia Priora, Monica Postiglione, Stefano Valerio, Venere Stefania Sanna, and Chiara Bassetti

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Some research projects of the Turin School of Local Regulation have the aim of providing public administration, regulatory agencies, utilities and other interested actors with some instruments to improve their institutional capacity. The quality of human capital and institutional capital is indeed essential for the design, implementation and control of good policies and good practices.