TSR provides on-demand support and capacity building to public entities and regulatory bodies. 
Capacity development in waste management and regulation in Albania (2018)
Beneficiary:  representatives of local authorities and of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Albania
The project aims at strengthening the knowledge in waste management and regulation according to the specific needs of the commissioning body. The capacity building programme has been enriched with institutional meetings with local actors of the waste sector. Further info in the project webpage

Capacity development in water economic regulation and in performance monitoring of water utilities (2016)
Beneficiary: representatives of the GIZ Water Programme Palestine and of the Water Sector Regulatory Council of Palestine
The project aims at strengthening the knowledge in water management and regulation according to the specific needs of the commissioning body. The capacity building programme has been enriched with institutional meetings with national and local actors of the water sector. Further info in the project webpage

WATER-REG Ethiopia | Training and Capacity Building on economic regulation and governance of the integrated water cycle (2014-2015)
Beneficiary: Municipality of Arba Minch (AMTM) and the Arba Minch water utility (AWSSE)
The project focuses on training and capacity building activities on regulation of water and sanitation services in Ethiopia. Training activities are organized in Torino for a delegation from the target Country, while capacity building is based in Ethiopia and targets mainly the municipality and the public water provider in the town of Arba Minch. The project includes the application of the FIELD methodology for the analysis of the main players involved, their incentives and their relationships, to promote a more informed capacity building activity.
The project is implemented in partnership with Hydroaid and is supported by the Fund for international cooperation of the water regulatory authority of the Province of Torino (ATO3 Torinese). Further info in the project webpage

ATO3 | Support, training and capacity building for regulation of integrated urban water service management in the Province of Torino (2010-2013)
BeneficiaryAutorità d'ambito Torinese A.T.O.3 (Regulatory authority for interated water service in the Province of Torino)
The project is related to the role of local regulation authorities in consumer protection and public interest in markets presenting relevant failures. In the integrated water management cycle regulators needs instruments of interpretation of accounting documents of utilities and of unbundling of regulated activities, in order to correctly set tariffs in the framework of agreed investment plans. 
An interdisciplinary working group is in charge of implementing the project activities:
- analysis of international, national and local information sources on accounting rules
- analysis if unbundled balance sheets
- training and capacity building of ATO3 staff
- information focus group with different stakeholders 
- dissemination.

CORT | Costs in the waste collection cycle (2010-2012)
BeneficiaryProvince of Torino
Waste cycle strongly needs regulation and control activities both in the phase of disposal and in the phase of collection, due to well-known problems of natural and legal monopoly, in order to avoid rents that would influence final bills and to control relevant environmental externalities. The project provided scientific, methodological and information support to the Province of Torino on the issue of economic analysis of industrial costs in urban waste collection and on positive effects that such an analysis can offer to market competitive procedures. An interdisciplinary working group (expertise in economics, finance, regulation, law, engineering, management, statistics, ICT) implemented the following project activities:
- analysis of existing information sources
- support in drafting a methodological document explaining the working perspective and to be inserted in the Provincial Plan for Waste Management
- creation of a prototype of a database that should contain data on industrial costs coming from accounting analysis, parametrical evaluations, literature, simulation data and virtual project analysis.

ATOR-TRM | Support to the analysis of economic and regulatory conditions related to the tariff of the waste-to-energy plant in Torino (2008)
BeneficiaryATO-R (Regulatory authority for waste cycle in the Province of Torino)
The project provided the local waste regulatory authority with a technical and scientific support to analyze regulatory, economic and financial conditions for the design and analysis of the business plan of the project for a waste-to-energy plant in Torino (proposed by the society TRM - Trattamento Rifiuti Metropolitani) and of the resulting gate fee, respecting the conditions of bankability on one side and consumers’ interests on the other side.