The Turin School of Local Regulation, in collaboration with the GIZ Water Programme Palestine, has organized a short course on the economic regulation of water service and the performance monitoring of water utilities in Turin, 26-28 October 2016. The capacity building programme has been enriched with institutional meetings with national and local actors of the water sector:

  • Italian National Authority for Water (AEEGSI)
  • Local Authority for water service (ATO3)
  • Metropolitan Water Utility of Turin (SMAT)
  • Water for Development Management Institute of Turin (HydroAid)
  • Chamber of commerce of Turin (CCIAA-TO)
  • City of Turin

The beneficiaries of the initiative are the representatives of the GIZ Water Programme Palestine and of the Water Sector Regulatory Council of Palestine.



   The training is perfectly tailored to the Palestinian context, a lot can be taken back home to implement. Very professional and qualified speakers and lecturers. Very kind team at a personal level. Looking forward for future cooperation.   

Testimonial from the anonymous quality questionnaire


   Wonderful staff, very knowledgeable, super dedication. The expertise and experience of lecturers was exceptional. More lectures and time would have been beneficial   

Testimonial from the anonymous quality questionnaire




Mr. Franco Becchis, Scientific Director of the Turin School of Local Regulation and Mr. Al-Hmaidi, CEO of the Water Sector Regulatory Council of Palestine, at the end of the Exchange Regulatory Training programme


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