4 maggio 2018 | Workshop: Short term rentals in Italia: piattaforme, effetti, regolazione

La Fondazione Ambiente - Turin School of Local Regulation ha organizzato per il 4 maggio 2018 dalle ore 9.30 alle ore 17.00 presso Socialfare, Via Maria Vittoria 38 - Sala Engage  una giornata di approfondimento e discussione sul tema "Short term rentals in Italia: piattaforme, effetti, regolazione"

Articles on sharing economy

Local policy and regulation of services and infrastructures struggle to cope with new technologies that change the way people take decisions about basic needs linked to mobility, communication, accommodation, leisure, food, and rental. Thanks to apps for smartphones, the framework for the demand/supply has dramatically changed.

Handbook: The Political Economy of Local Regulation

The Political Economy of Local Regulation

Theoretical Frameworks and International Case Studies

Edited by Franco Becchis, Alberto Asquer and Daniele Russolillo

About the book

FIELD - Framework of incentives to empower local decision makers



FIELD is a multidisciplinary methodology for the analysis of local actors, incentives and information endowment that surround and lie behind the success or the failure of local services, infrastructures and projects, defining the playing field where their realization takes place.
The methodology aims to narrow the gap between the results of academic research and daily decisions making process in relevant context as local public service regulation, project life cycle, local welfare policies.

LO.RE.NET | Papers & Presentations

The comparative analysis of the regulatory framework of local public services made within LO.RE.NET network produces academic or policy papers and presentations at international conferences on a regular basis.
Please find below the list of the main papers and presentations. Papers and presentations contain also some graphical representations of the data collected through the comparative tables on regulation of local public services.

LO.RE.NET. Comparative tables