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Hydroaid in partnership with the Turin School of Local Regulation has launched a new e-Learning course on Economic Regulation of water services as part of the project “WATER-REG: Training and capacity building on the economic regulation and governance of the integrated water cycle” financed by ATO3 – the Water Authority of Turin.
What: Water insecurity can have devastating effects on economies and on the well-being of entire populations, especially the poorest and most vulnerable ones, and the matter is made even more urgent considering the unpredictable effects of climate change on hydrological cycles. The efficient management of water resources and a sound regulation of the water service are necessary steps to tackle the mentioned challenges that will require the attraction of large investments from governments, bilateral institutions and philanthropic organizations. The course will introduce the subject with a short microeconomics section, useful to clarify concepts such as natural monopolies, competition and public goods. The introduction will be followed by a section dedicated to industrial investment analysis as a tool for the regulation of water services, useful to jump-start the work related to assignments and case studies. The last section of the e-Learning course will be constituted by an intense section on Economic Regulation focused on the water sector. Regulation can be described as the definition and implementation of rules setting the service general framework, stakeholder missions, roles and interaction and indeed regulation also specifies how the cost of the service is to be financed, hence a specific attention will be put on tariff setting and regulatory budgeting. 
Who: Managers, mid-level decision makers and professionals operating in the fields of water and sanitation management with responsibilities of financial administration, investments and tariff-setting from developing and emerging countries. The course is open to a limited number of 80 participants. This restriction ensures personalized tutoring and the effective realization of team works during the course.
How to apply:
1) Download and fill the Application Form
2) Send your filled Application Form together with:
- a copy of your ID card / passport
- a copy of your highest education diploma



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