Handbook: The Political Economy of Local Regulation

The Political Economy of Local Regulation

Theoretical Frameworks and International Case Studies

Edited by Franco Becchis, Alberto Asquer and Daniele Russolillo

About the book

Turin | Regulating Smart Cities: Infrastructures, Sharing and Financing

WHAT: Smart cities can be seen as platforms where major building blocks  such as energy&transport networks, ICT networks and services, active citizenship, existing infrastructure/institutions, city planning and law enforcement might be glued together into a system that is able to respond dynamically to a new set of bottom-up user-driven information.

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The International Summer School on regulation of local public services, is organized within the Turin School of Regulation, an initiative of Fondazione per l'Ambiente. The Summer School is at its 22nd Edition and since 2009 has become international. The Turin School of local Regulation is under the patronage of the Municipality of Torino, Province of Torino, Polytechnic of Torino and University of Torino.