What: Financing and regulating local infrastructures  and the tariffs of delivered services is becoming the big issue for the next years in developing world. To cope with these challenges the theory and practice of regulation of public services needs a sharp overhaul  in cultural contexts that does not fit the usual western paradigm. Islamic contexts in particular show challenging features in terms of investment opportunities and regulatory consequences for local policies. The course intends to outline the framework of key issues relating to regulation of infrastructures and local services within an Islamic economic system, setting the right stage to cope with their peculiar challenges, in a context of fruitful osmosis between different cultural contributions and successful case studies.

Who:  The course is mainly addressed to public sector decision makers, managers involved in large infrastructure projects, local regulators, project finance specialists of the banking sector, legal experts focused on international project finance law and practices and loan covenants, accounting, financial and risk assessment professionals, researchers and doctoral students.

Faculty: Abayomi ALAWODE | The World Bank
Valentino CATTELAN | University of Florence
Lorenzo DECLICH | Researcher and journalist
Halil DELIGÖZ | Expert at Office of the Prime Minister of Turkey


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