What: Regulatory challenges related to district heating services - especially at local level - are at always at stake, even if not formally present, for the nature of the service itself and because it requires a strong interaction with the Municipality where the service will be offered. The course aims to give participants an overview of the wide implications that the presence (or absence) of  national and/or local economic regulation of district heating services  can defend public interest and allocate risks more fairly,  alongside with deep insights from international real case studies presented and discussed among participants. Participants will be trained on the most relevant technology topics for economic regulatory tasks. During the course a specific attention will be given to  build the proper competence of understanding stakeholder dynamics and incentives alignment. 

Who:  The course is mainly addressed to local government heads, mayors and other public sector decision makers and managers involved in DH projects, local regulators of infrastructure and public services, city planners, national energy regulators, national competition regulators, energy utility experts, consumer protection specialists, officials from international organizations, researchers and PhD students.


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