Since the launch of the first International Edition of ISS (2009), Alumni are contacted 12 months after their participation to the School and are invited to fill in a questionnaire aiming at measuring medium and long term effects of ISS and its impacts on individuals at education and professional level.

Each October the questionnaire is notified to the participants of the previous year edition. We are now collecting data about the 2019 edition.
The questionnaire was divided into two sections: one section with general questions open to all participants; another section where some specific questions are made according to the participants’ current activity (studying or working). At the time of the submission of the questionnaire, 80 participants were working, 24 were studying, 4 were doing both activities and 5 were fresh graduate looking for a job.
Untill now 113 questionnaires have been filled-in. Please find below a summary of the results.


- To the question “Did you suggest ISS to colleagues or friends once back in your Country?", 108 participants out of 113 answered YES (96%).
- To the question “Did you keep in touch with ISS staff and / or with the other ISS participants, to discuss possible cooperation?”, 86 participants out of 113 answered YES (76%).
- To the question “Generally speaking, which is the level of usefulness of your participation to ISS?”, 14 participants out of 113 answered “Maximum” (12%), 71 said “High” (63%), 24 answered "Medium" (21%), 3 participants said “Low” and 1 answered "None". 

- 82 participants out of 91 (90%) who were working at the time of the submission delclare that they work in the field of regulation of local public services or their job is connected to this field in some way.
- 60 out of these 91 (70%) believe that the set of knowledge acquired during ISS is useful to their current job tasks.
- Regarding the possible positive effect of the participation to the Summer School for the selection of their profile for their current job position, 8 participants said "Yes", it did" and 15 answered that “Maybe” the participation had a positive effect.

- 26 participants out of the 36 who were studying at the time of the submission (74%) declare that their studies are connected in some way to the issues of the Summer School on regulation of local public services.
- 18 participants out of 36 (50%) did produce thesis, papers or articles on the topics connected to ISS, for which the set of knowledge acquired was useful.

Last update: October 7th, 2020