Please find below a short profile of the participants to the International Editions of the International Summer School in Applied Environmental and Regulatory Economics from 2009 to 2011 and to the International Summer School on Regulation of Local Public Services  from 2012 onwards (in alphabetical order):


Ezatollah AbbasianEzatollah ABBASIAN, Iran (2010)

Education background: PhD in Public Economics
Current position: Associate Professor in Economics, Department of Economics, Bu Ali Sina University, Hamedan, Iran


Matthias AdolfMatthias ADOLF, Germany (2012)

Education background: Dr. Political Science
Current position: Senior researcher at Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin Centre for Caspian Region Studies (BC CARE), Environmental Policy Research Centre (ffu), Research fellow at Institut für Nachhaltige Energie- und Ressourcennutzung (Institute for sustainable use of energy and ressources)(Iner), Berlin

Andrea AltieriAndrea ALTIERI, Italy (2012)

Education background: Master degree in International Relations
Current position: Ph.D. candidate in Law and Economics at University of Siena


Nora AnnesiNora ANNESI, Italy (2016)

Education background: Master Degree in “Urban and Regional Planning”
Current position: Urban Planner and PhD candidate in Management - Change and Complexity at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa.
Research interests: Regional Planning and Sustainable Development and Tourism Management

Valentin AritonValentin ARITON, Romania (2010)

Education background: Master candidate in economics and international project management; Master of Public Policy 
Current position: Independent consultant in public management and EU absorption of structural and cohesion funds

Armine ArushanyanArmine ARUSHANYAN, Armenia (2018)

Education background: Master in Environmental Protection and Nature Management
Current position: Cheif specialist,  Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources of the Republc of Armenia, State Committee of Water Economy, Department of Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal Systems


Zarine ArushanyanZarine ARUSHANYAN, Armenia (2009)

Education background: Master of economics LLM
Current position: Expert at Commission Chairman Office, State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition of the Republic of Armenia (SCPEC)

Larbi Azzaz

Larbi AZZAZ, Algeria (2011)

Education background:  Phd in Applied Economics and Quantitative Methods
Current position: Researcher and assistant professor at National High school of Statistics and Applied Economics, Algiers, Algeria


Eleanor Bacani

Eleanor S. BACANI, Philippines (2010)

Education background:  MSc. Resource Economics and Policy
Current position: Associate Research Analyst at Asian Development Bank 


Alice Bacigalupo

Alice BACIGALUPO, Italy (2009)

Education background:  Phd in Applied Economics and Quantitative Methods
Current position: Researcher at Utilitatis pro Acqua Energia Ambiente


Rami Battat

Rami BATTAT, Palestine (2015)

Education background:  Accounting and Management
Current position: Senior Advisor with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in Palestine. Expert in financial and management reforms, water tariff and regulation.

Mihail Belousiuc

Mihail BELOUSIUC, Moldova (2015)

Education background:  Master of Public Administration (Maxwell School, USA)
Current position: Programme Associate, Effective Governance Cluster, UNDP Moldova


Giovanni Biagini

Giovanni BIAGINI, Italy (2014)

Education background:  Master Degree in Geological Sciences
Current position: Technical and economic environmental analyst at A.T.E.R.S.I.R. (regulatory agency for municipal solid waste management and water & wastewater services in Emilia Romagna region, Italy)

Dragana Bjelobrkovic Vukcevic

Dragana BJELOBRKOVIC VUKCEVIC​, Montenegro (2017)

Education background:  Law Degree (University of Montenegro), Faculty of Economics (University of Montenegro)
Current position: Head of Utility Services Regulation Department in Energy Regulatory Agency of Montenegro

Emoke Bugyi

Emőke BUGYI, Hungary (2018)

Education background:  Master Degree in Law
Current position: Head of Contracting Activities, BKK Centre for Budapest Transport, Budapest, Hungary

Maria Calaf Forn

Maria CALAF FORN, Spain (2010)

Education background:  Degree on Environmental Science
Current position: Consultant on waste management, energy and environmental taxation at ENT Environment and Management


Aida Calderon Boix

Aida CALDERON BOIX, Spain (2011)

Education background:  Degree in Biology, Post graduate in Technician of Environmental Impact Assessment
Current position: Technician and Salesperson in Water Area, Marketing Department. Project management and project development in preparing tenders oriented to Public Services (Water, Energy and environment)  

Marco Caniato

Marco CANIATO, Italy (2014)

Education background:  PhD in Appropriate Methods and Technologies for International Development Co-operation
Current position:  Innovation Advisor in the "Sustainable energy technologies for food utilization (SET4food)" project, COOPI


Bruno Carrara

Bruno CARRARA, Brazil (2011)

Education background:  Economist and physicist
Current position:  Technical Coordinator of Economic Regulation and Inspection in ARSAE-MG (regulatory agency for water supply and sanitation services in Minas Gerais State, Brasil)

Fatma Cigdem Celik

Fatma Çiğdem ÇELİK, Turkey (2015)

Education background:  Ph.D in Economics at İstanbul University
Current position:  Head of the Department of Economics at the Okan University in İstanbul


Nicola Cosentino

Nicola COSENTINO, Italy (2009)

Education background:  Law Degree (University of Roma Tre), LLM (University of Nottingham)
Current position:  Lawyer - Watson, Farley & Williams LLP


Olivier Crespi Reghizzi

Olivier CRESPI REGHIZZI, Francia/Italia (2011)

Education background:  MSc in Civil Engineering
Current position:  Analyst at Eau de Paris and PhD candidate in Management and Economics at CIRED - AgroParisTech and CERTET - Bocconi University - Milano

Alessandro De Carli

Alessandro DE CARLI, Italy (2010)

Education background:  B.Sc. in Environmental and Landscape Engineering
Current position:  Research fellow at IEFE – Bocconi University (Milan - Italy), Coordinator of the Master in Environmental and Energy Economics and Management of Bocconi University (Milan – Italy),Consultant at WWF Italy, University of Udine and Fondazione per l’Ambiente “Teobaldo Fenoglio”

Adriana Dema Adriana DEMA, Albania (2015)

Education background:  B.Sc. in Environmental and Landscape Engineering
Current position:  Specialist of Technical department on "Albanian Regulatory Authority of the Water Supply and Waste Water Disposal and Treatment Sector"


Shiela Dela Torre

Shiela DELA TORRE, Philippines (2013)

Education background:  Masters in Urban and Regional Planning, Post-graduate specialization on Urban Environment and Infrastructure Management
Current position:  Water Services Consultant for USAID Water-Climate Program in the Philippines, Local Development Consultant for World Bank Mission Office

Mariana Dias

Mariana DIAS, Portugal (2013)

Education background:  Master degree in Law
Current position:  Advisor in the economic and commercial area of the Embassy of Chile in Portugal


Belhassen Ennouri

Belhassen ENNOURI, Tunisia (2013)

Education background:  Master degree in Law
Current position:  Attorney at law, Tunis


Jie Fan

Jie FAN, China (2010)

Education background:  Master of Economics
Current position:  Master student in Environmental Economics, research assistant of Environmental Economics Program in China (EEPC)


Atanas Georgiev

Atanas GEORGIEV, Bulgaria (2010)

Education background:  Master Degree, PhD Student
Current position:  Assistant Professor at Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Sofia University; Managing Editor at

Abdulati GhazirAbdulati GHAZIR, Lybia (2016)

Education background:  Higher Diploma in Accounting, BA in Puplic Adminstration, Expert in Local Goverment
Current position:  Head of Local Develoment Committee at Municipality of Ainzara

Patrizia Ghisellini

Patrizia GHISELLINI, Italy (2009)

Education background:  Master Degree Diploma in "Sustainable Development and management of environmental systems"
Current position:  PhD candidate at ALMA MATER STUDIORUM – University of Bologna, Faculty of Agriculture, Section of Economics


Lorenc Gordani

Lorenc GORDANI, Albania (2010)

Education background:  Master Degree in International Science and Diplomacy, PhD Student at University of Pavia - Public Utilities
Current position:  Research Assistant and Assistant Professor at Faculty of Law, Pavia University; Consultant of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana; Lecturer – University of Luarasi University, Tirana, Albania.


Anna Hazan

Anna HAZAN , Israel (2016)

Current position: Lecturer at the Haifa University and the Sapir Academic College - Teaching courses  of Regulation and  Local Government. Former Civil Servant in the Ministry of Interior- as Director of the Department for Local Development. 
Publications: municipal boundaries,public- private partnerships, municipal cooperation and amalgamation,personal liability in local government, metropolisation processes, the role of the councillors.

Gamini Herath

H. M. Gamini HERATH, Sri Lanka (2012)

Education background:  Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering and in Electrical Power Distribution, MBA at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka
Current position:  Deputy Director General at Public utilities Commission Of Sri Lanka


Christopher Matthew A. Ilagan

Christopher Matthew A.​ ILAGAN, Philippines (2016)

Education background:  MA in Political Economy with specialization in International Relations and Development (University of Asia and the Pacific)
Current position:  Head of Corporate Regulatory Affairs of Manila Water Company, Inc.

Fatime Imeraj

Fatime​ IMERAJ, Albania (2016)

Education background:  M.Sc. Political Science and MPA  in Public Administration
Current position:  Member of National Regulatory Commission in Albanian Water Regulatory Authority

Enkeleda Kadriu

Enkeleda KADRIU, Albania (2009)

Education background:  M.Sc. Urban Management
Current position:  PhD candidate in Urban and Regional Planning, TU-Berlin, Berlin, Germany


Afrim Kalenderi

Afrim KALANDERI, Germany (2018)

Education background:  Master’s Degree in Business Administration, MBA
Current position:  Portfolio Manager, Water & Sanitation, GFA Consulting Group GmbH, Hamburg


Ozge Kama

Ozge KAMA, Turkey (2010)

Education background:  Post-doc in Economics
Current position:  Research Assistant at Yildiz Technical University-Istanbul - Department of Economics


Muhammad Usman Khalid

Muhammad Usman KHALID, Pakistan (2017)

Education background:  Masters in Business Administration from Institute of Business Administration, Karachi and Diploma in Public Service from Civil Services Academy Lahore, Pajistan
Current position:  Public Policy Specialist, Government of Pakistan


Rasheed Masood Khan

Rasheed Masood KHAN, Pakistan (2015)

Education background:  Master Degree in Governance and Public Policy,  DAAD Scholar, Master Degree in International Relations
Current position:  Senior Civil Servant working with Government of Pakistan focusing on local public services


Tala Khrais

Tala KHRAIS, Jordan (2018)

Education background:  M.Sc. in Agricultural and Environmental studies, McGill University, Canada  
Current position:  Expert in Capacity Building and Training at Local Government and Resilience Programme, VNG-International, The Netherlands


Alla Lytvynenko

Alla LYTVYNENKO, Ukraine (2010)

Education background:  Master Degree
Current position:  Sustainable Energy Expert, Support to Energy Market Integration & Sustainable Energy in the New Independent States Project


Chiara Magrini

Chiara MAGRINI, Italy (2015)

Education background:  Master degree in Management Engineering
Current position:  Research fellow at University of Bologna


Zaur Mammadov

Zaur MAMMADOV, Azerbaijan (2009)

Education background:  Master Degree in European Studies
Current position:  Senior Advisor, Investment Policy Department, Ministry of Industry and Energy of Azerbaijan Republic


Daniel ManziDaniel MANZI, Brazil (2015)

Education background:  PhD in Engineering
Current position:  Fiscalization Coordinator of the Regulatory Agency of Sanitation Services of the  Piracicaba, Capivari and Jundiaí rivers basins - ARES-PCJ; Professor of Hydraulics and Hydrology in undergraduate and graduate Engineering courses

Marco Oreste MarelliMarco Oreste MARELLI, Bulgaria/Italy (2015)

Education background:  Law Degree at the Milan State University and PhD candidate at the University of Eastern Piedmont “Amedeo Avogadro” in Local Autonomies, Public Services and Citizenship Rights, Alessandria, Italy
Current position:  Lawyer specializing in Civil and Administrative Law, Head Office at the Department of Services for People and Companies at the Municipality of Cardano al Campo, Varese province, Italy

Elisa Meloni

Elisa MELONI, Italy (2012)

Education background:  Master of Science in Sustainable Development and Management of Territory (Environmental economics)
Current position: Research Fellow and Environmental Management Consultant at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies - Institute of Management, Sustainability area (Pisa, Italy)


Mariza Menger

Mariza MENGER, Croatia (2015)

Education background:  Master degree in Law
Current position: PhD student in Public Administration at the Faculty of Law University of Zagreb, Croatia and a research assistant and lecturer at the Faculty of Law University of Rijeka, Croatia.


Mohsen Nazari

Mohsen NAZARI, Iran (2012)

Education background:  Ph.D. in Public Economics at University of Tehran
Current position: Associate Professor, Head of Management Department at University of Tehran


Marjan Nikolov

Marjan NIKOLOV, Macedonia (2016)

Education background:  Ph.D. in Economics
Current position: President of the independent think tank Center for economic analyses -CEA-, Macedonia

Joy M. Oche

Joy M. OCHE, Nigeria (2014)

Education background:  Master of Science in Environmental Engineering
Current position: Environmentale engineer at National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA)


Elif Okumuş Öksüz

Elif OKUMUŞ ÖKSÜZ​, Turkey (2016)

Education background:  PhD candidate in Political Science and Public Administration; MSc&BSc: Environmental Engineer
Current position: Governmental Expert at Turkish Water Institute


Douglason Omotor

Douglason G. OMOTOR, Nigeria (2010)

Education background:  Ph.D. Economics
Current position: Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria


Denis Parea

Denis PAREA, Moldova (2016)

Education background:  Bachelor in Law
Current position: National Advisor on Solid Waste Management, GIZ Moldova

Milica Petrovic

Milica PETROVIC, Montenegro (2018)

Education background:  Master degree in Economics; Fulbright-Hubert H.Humphrey International Fellow (2016-2017)
Current position: Analyst at Utility Services Regulation Department in Energy Regulatory Agency of Montenegro

Vincenzo Pellecchia

Vincenzo PELLECCHIA, Italy (2018)

Education background: Master Degree in “Civil Engineering” – 2L.MDS in “Forensic Engineering” – 2L.MDS in “Management of Public Administrations”
Current position: Chief of Dept. “Tariff and Quality of integrated water services” – AATO “Calore Irpino” – Regional Authority for Water Regulation | EIC – Campania
Research interests: Blue and Green Infrastructure. Urban and Water Infrastructure Planning. University of Salerno (Italy)

Gabriela Popoviciu

Gabriela A. POPOVICIU, Romania (2009)

Education background:  PhD in Environmental Sciences
Current position: Lecturer – University of Oradea, Faculty of Environmental Protection


Tommaso Porta

Tommaso PORTA, Italy (2010)

Education background:  Bachelor Degree in Economics, Master student
Current position: Student at Università Bocconi, Economics Faculty


Anna Potravka

Anna POTRAVKA, Ukraine (2014)

Education background:  Master in Economics 
Current position: Head of sector of strategic development in public services, National commission of the state public utilities regulation


Martina Rama

Martina RAMA, Italy (2013)

Education background:  Dr. Political Science – Master in Environment and Sustainable Development
Current position: Water, sanitation and hygiene consultant at Hydroconseil, specialized on the political, institutional and socio-economic aspects of water management. She mainly works in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Claudia Ramos

Claudia Ximena RAMOS HIDALGO, Colombia (2016)

Education background:  M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering and Chemical Engineer
Current position: Tecnical Advisor and Integral Evaluation Coordinator in the Superintendence of public services for the companies providing solid waste management

Pooja Ravi

Pooja RAVI, India (2012)

Education background:  M.Phil in Law and Governance
Current position: PhD candidate at Centre for the Study of Law and Governance, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India


Martina Reale

Martina REALE, Italy (2010)

Education background:  Bachelor Degree in Economics
Current position: Master Student at University of Turin, Faculty of Economics


Tanveer R. Rouf

Tanveer Reza ROUF, Bangladesh (2011)

Education background:  MSc in Economics, Utrecht University and MSc in Sociology, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Current position: Lecturer at the Economics and Social Science Department at BRAC University, Bangladesh 


Oriana Romano

Oriana ROMANO, Italy (2010)

Education background:  PhD student
Current position: Post Doc University of Naples “L’Orientale”


Blerta Rrjolli

Blerta RRJOLLI, Albania (2013)

Education background:  Phd Candidate in Statistics, Economic Faculty, University of Tirana
Current position: Audit at the Institution of Prefect Region Shkodra, controlling and monitoring the municipalities and the communes


Ganeswar Sahoo

Ganeswar SAHOO, India (2009)

Education background:  International Master in Development, Innovation and Change
Current position: Student at University of Bologna


Michel A. Samaha

Michel A. SAMAHA, Lebanon (2018)

Education background: Double MS in Economics and Politics 
Current position: Economist at AFD-Beirut


Mahmoud Sarhan

Mahmoud SARHAN, Egypt (2012)

Education background: Postgraduate Studies in Environmental Economics
Current position: Technical Officer & Socio-economist at FSPA Project at United Nations Development Program and Global Environment Facility 


Dereje Senshaw

Dereje Azemraw SENSHAW, Ethiopia (2010)

Education background: MSc. Degree Specialisation in Sustainable Energy systems and management
Current position: Research Assistant and PhD candidate at Energy and Environment Management Department, International Institute of Management, University of Flensburg, Germany 

Patrick Sesay

Patrick Ajuno SESAY, Sierra Leone (2016)

Education background:  M.Sc. in Regional Development Planning,  PhD in Project Management
Current position:  Programme Manager, Public Private Partnership Unit, Office of the President


Mohammad ShannagMohammad SHANNAG, Jordan (2016)

Education background: Master in Electrical Power Engineering
Current position: Electrical engineer at National Electric Power Company NEPCO

Arvind Shrivastava

Arvind SHRIVASTAVA, India (2013)

Education background: B. Tech, MA in Economics
Current position: Budget and Resources, Finance Department, Government of Karnataka 


Irena Státníková

Irena STÁTNÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic (2010)

Education background: Master degree – Environmental sciences
Current position: Specialist for waste management and prevention of major accidents, Regional Authority of the Usti Region, Environmental Department


Mads Svaneklink

Mads SVANEKLINK, Denmark (2009)

Education background: Bachelor Degree in Social Geography
Current position: Project assistant at Local Government Denmark, Master student in Political communication and leadership, Board of Directors at Copenhagen Business School

Charlotte Van De Water

Charlotte VAN DE WATER, The Netherlands (2010)

Education background: Master degree
Current position: Research master student at Human Geography and Planning at the University of Utrecht, Intern at DCMR, the Netherlands


Charlotte Van De Water

Francesca Pia VANTAGGIATO, Italy (2014)

Education background: MA in International Business and Development & MA in European Studies (University of Parma)
Current position: PhD Candidate in Politics at the School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication (PPL) of the University of East Anglia (UEA), Norwich (UK); Affiliate member of the Centre for Competition Policy (CCP) at the University of East Anglia (UEA), Norwich (UK)

Marina Vatchkova

Marina VATCHKOVA, Bulgaria (2012)

Education background: Master in Economics of of Energy,Infrastructure and Utilities, Master candidate in Finance and Banking
Current position: Project Evaluation, Financial and Cost Benefit Analysis, Concession Analysis in Waste, Water and Waste-water, Transport and Regional development

Mahsa Vaez Tehrani

Mahsa VAEZ TEHRANI, Iran (2015)

Education background: PhD in Water Structures Engineering (Tarbiat Modares University), M.Sc. in Water Structures Engineering (Urmia University)
Current position: Civil engineering expert, National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company affiliated to the Ministry of Energy, Tehran


Miroslav Vukcevic

Miroslav VUKCEVIC, Montenegro (2014)

Education background: M.Sc. in Engineering
Current position: Member of the Board of the Energy Regulatory Agency of Montenegro


Francesca XerriFrancesca XERRI, Malta (2017)

Education background: PhD in Effective Water Management
Current position: Attaché, Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia


Last update: 20 September 2018