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This section contains a list of the main regulatory tools which have recently been deployed in different countries to address the economic and legal challenges raised by digital platforms. In particular, three typologies  of regulation have been taken into consideration: national / domestic laws, court decisions, antitrust authorities deliberations.

All the regulatory measures stored in the section can be easily accessed through links which allow to read their official version. Keywords and tags are associated to each of the regulatory measures with the aim of providing a short description of their content.

ItalyTribunale Ordinario di Milano - Ordinanza 25/05/2015Uber, unfair competition, taxi 
ItalyTribunale di Torino - 2017Uber, unfair competition, taxi 
ItalyCorte Costituzionalefor hire vehicles, competition 
ItalyTar Lombardia - Sentenza 1274/2020electric micromobility, regulation 
ItalyDDL Concorrenza - 2022platform-based services, liberalization, licenses, competition 
SpainJuzgado de lo Mercantil n°2 Madrid - 09/12/2014

Uber, unfair competition, taxi

FranceLoi n° 2014-1104taxi, licenses 
FranceConseil Constitutionnel - Decision n° 2015-484 - 22/09/2015Uber, taxi, licenses 
FranceCour de CassationUber, labour, drivers 
GermanyLandgericht Berlin - 11/04/2014Uber, taxi 
GermanyLandgericht Berlin - 10/02/2015Uber, unfair competition, taxi 
GermanyKammergericht Berlin - 11/12/2015Uber, unfair competition, taxi 
GermanyLandgericht Frankfurt am Main - 25/08/2014Uber, unfair competition, taxi 
BelgiumBrussels Court of Appeal - November 2021Uber, taxi, ban 
UKHigh Court of Justice - 16/10/2015Uber, taxi, fares 
UKEmployment Tribunal - 28/10/2016Uber, labour, drivers 
UKEmployment Appeal Tribunal - 10/11/2017Uber, labour, drivers 
UKCourt of Appeal - 19/12/2018Uber, labour, drivers 
UKWestminster Magistrates' Court - 28 September 2020Uber, license, London 
UKLegal challenge against Uber - 26 October 2020Uber, drivers, labour, algorithmic decision-making 
UKSupreme Court - 2021Uber, labour, drivers 
UKUber decision on drivers - 2021Uber, drivers, labour 
USAKansas Senate Bill No. 101transportation network companies 
USAMassachusetts House Bill 4570transportation network companies 
USASuperior Court of California - 16/06/2015Uber, labour, drivers 
USAUS District CourtLyft, drivers 
USAUS District Court Eastern District of PennsylvaniaUber, labour, drivers


USACalifornia AB-5shared mobility services, workers' classification 
USASuperior Court of California - August 2020Uber, Lyft, labour, drivers 
USACalifornia Proposition 22 - November 2020gig workers, drivers, labour classification 
USADoJ - November 2021Uber, discrimination, consumers 
EUOpinion of Advocate General Szpunar - 10 September 2020Star Taxi App, information society services, authorizations, licenses 
EUCourt of Justice of the European Union - 20 December 2017Uber, information society services 
EUCourt of Justice of the European Union - 3 December 2020Star Taxi App, information society services 
EUDigital Services Actantitrust, competition 
BrazilTribunal Superior do TrabalhoUber, drivers 
AustraliaFair Work OmbudsmanUber, labour, drivers 
SwitzerlandLabour Court - LausanneUber, labour, drivers 
SwitzerlandCanton Vaud court Uber, labour, drivers 
SwitzerlandFederal Court - June 2022Uber, labour, drivers 
ColombiaSuperintendency of Industry and CommerceUber, unfair competition, ban 
ColombiaTransport MinisterPicap, moto-sharing 
ChinaInterim Measures for the Administration of Online Taxi Booking Business Operations and Serviceslicenses, standards, entry requirements 
ChinaLocal regulations about Didi Chuxinglicenses, ban 
ChinaCyberspace Administration of China - 2022Didi, fine 
NetherlandsAmsterdam district court - 2021Uber, Ola, drivers, data management 
NetherlandsCourt of Amsterdam - September 2021Uber, drivers, labour, legal classification 
IndiaSupreme Court - 2020Uber, Ola, cartels, antitrust, competition 
PhilippinesPhilippines - 2015Uber, entry requirements 


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