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In this area it is possible to find a series of articles, working papers, scientific publications on academic journals. The aim of this section is providing an updated picture of the best research about platforms and digital markets, with a focus on theoretical problems, regulatory issues and socio-economic empirical analyses. The works stored in this section are classified according to their research area and geographical scope and can be easily accessed through links.


2021Adams-Prassl A., Adams-Prassl J., Coyle D.Uber and Beyond: Policy Implications for the UKUber, labour, business model
2018Arcidiacono D., Pais I.Think Mobility Over: A Survey on Car2go Users in MilanCar2go, car sharing, Milan, consumers
2018Becchis F., Valerio S. Il servizio di Uber tra asset dormienti e valore digitale. Quale regolazione?  Uber, ECJ decision
2018Belviso L. Il caso Uber negli Stati Uniti e in Europa fra mercato, tecnologia e diritto. Obsolescenza regolatoria e ruolo delle Corti  Uber, legal issues
2017Chen M. K., Chevalier J. A., Rossi P. E., Oehlsen E. The value of flexible work: evidence from Uber driversUber, labour market, drivers
2017 Ciociola A., Cocca M., Giordano D., Mellia M., Morchetta A., Putina A., Salutari F.UMAP: Urban Mobility Analysis Platform to Harvest Car Sharing Data

car sharing, urban mobility, Turin

2016Cohen P., Hahn R., Hall J., Levitt S., Metcalfe R.Using big data to estimate consumer surplus: the case of UberUber, consumers
2019Colangelo M., Maggiolino M.Uber and the challenges for antitrust law and regulationUber, antitrust, regulation
2018Cook C., Diamond R., Hall J., List J. A., Oyer P.The gender earnings gap in the gig economy: evidence from over a million rideshare driversUber, drivers, gender pay gap
2016Cramer J., Krueger A. B.Disruptive change in the taxi business: the case of UberUber, productivity
2020Eyert F., Irgmaier F., Ulbricht L.Extending the framework of algorithmic regulation. The Uber caseUber, drivers
2019Graehler M., Mucci R. A., Erhardt G. D.Understanding the Recent Transit Ridership Decline in Major US Cities: Service Cuts or Emerging Modes?ridesharing, public transport
2016Hall J. V., Krueger A. B.An analysis of the labor market for Uber's driver-partners in the United StatesUber, labour market, drivers
2019Falikul Isbah M.Workers' rights in the digital economy: assessing the impacts of technology usage by Go-Jek and Grab in Indonesialabour, workers, Indonesia
2016Landier A., Szomoru D., Thesmar D.Working in the on-demand economy; an analysis of Uber driver-partners in FranceUber, drivers, France
2018Marasà E., Pollicino O.EU Court of Justice rules that Uber provides a transport service and is not a mere electronic intermediary: regulatory implications and "digital" judicial insulationUber, ECJ decision
2019 Mutiarin D., Nurmandi A., Jovita H., Fajar M., Lien Y.How do government regulations and policies respond to the growing online-enabled transportation service (OETS) in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Taiwan? online transport services, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan
2018Noto La Diega G.Uber Law and Awareness by Design. An Empirical Study on Online Platforms and Dehumanised NegotiationsUber, consumers protection
2020Panimbang F., Arifin S., Riyadi S., Septi Utami D.Resisting exploitation by algorithms. Drivers' Contestation of App-based Transport in Indonesialabour, drivers, Indonesia
2019Reilly K., Lozano-Paredes L.Ride Hailing Regulations in Cali, Colombia: Towards Autonomous and Decent Workride hailing, labour rights, working conditions
2019Romano A., Capineri C., Milli C.La geografia di Flixbus in ItaliaFlixbus, Italy
2021Sarmiento L., Kim Y. J.The air quality effects of UberUber, environmental impact
2018Skok W. Baker S.Evaluating the impact of Uber on London's taxi service: A critical review of the literature

Uber, London

2020Smorto G.Verso una disciplina giuridica della sharing mobility nell'Unione Europeasharing mobility, EU, regulation
2020Uber, RoutematchTowards a new model of public transportationUber, public transit
2020Vickers T., Dahill D., Holland D., King D.Decent and Good Work in the Platform Economy: Private Hire and Taxi Work in Nottinghamride hailing, Nottingham
2018Zeno-Zencovich V.Uber: modello economico e implicazioni giuridicheUber, legal issues
2016Zickuhr K. M.When Uber comes to town: the impact of transportation network companies on metropolitan labor marketsUber, labour market
2017Zou M.The Regulatory Challenges of 'Uberization' in China: Classifying Ride-Hailing Driverslabour, drivers


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