A warm welcome to the website of the International Summer School on regulation of local public services!

The idea of the summer school dates back to 1996-1997. At that time in Italy, and in Europe too, tariff regulation was widely debated for national network services as electricity, gas, telecommunications and railways, but rather neglected at local level for waste, water, district heating , sport facilities and so on. Furthermore, graduate and post graduate courses did not adequately cover this kind of topic. At the same time,  policy makers and public opinion believed more and more in the necessity to go beyond the outdated local public monopolies established as a longa-manus of  municipalities in all  European Countries.

In this context, the  course was designed to provide the students with the basics of the theory of regulation that are applied to real case studies for a deeper understanding of regulatory issues and debates.  Main topics are information asymmetries, industrial cost analysis and tariff setting, regulator’s capture, quality concerns, mechanism design and incentive contracts,  the links and trade-offs between environmental and industrial policies.

The programme has been enriched year by year, with a major effort in 2009, with the internationalization of the Summer School and the introduction of case studies from different geographical area. The internationalization was a challenge and a bet, but turned to be the right one: we collected more than 4,500 applications from 144 different countries in the 9 international editions organized so far.

We want to continue investing in this initiative, in order to offer an exciting experience to all our attendants.

Let’s meet in Torino at the 21st edition of the Summer School!

Franco Becchis
Scientific Director Fondazione per l'Ambiente & Turin School of Local Regulation